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Junk Removal Questions

Using a junk removal service is the best way to get rid of a lot of trash, fast. But since not all haulers are made equal, it’s important to choose the right company.

If you’re hiring someone to remove your bulk trash, debris, basement garbage or other unwanted items, use the list of questions below to make sure the job will be done right.

Junk Removal Service – Important Questions

1) What do you haul?

This may seem obvious, but it’s an important question that needs to be asked, right off the bat: “Do you take this stuff?”

Not all haulers remove the same kind of waste. For example:

  • Some haulers might take vehicles, while others do not.
  • Some might remove hazardous waste, while others might not have the right equipment.
  • Some may offer whole-house cleanouts, while other haulers may not be able to accommodate large jobs like that.

Don’t simply assume. Whenever you speak to your junk guys, make sure they actually take the items you’re trying to get rid of.

2) What’s your service area?

This is another seemingly obvious question, but you need to be sure your hauling company can actually come to you.

At a time when everybody uses Google to find junk removal companies, it’s easy to stumble across websites for businesses that are nowhere near your location. (And incredibly, sometimes the website doesn’t specify.)

Take a moment to confirm the service area before you discuss the details of the job.

3) Where do you dump it?

This is critical.

We’ve heard horror stories of homeowners who hired amateur haulers who simply dumped the trash in the woods. Authorities later found the trash, which included the homeowners’ personally identifiable information.

Guess what happened?

The homeowners got a fine! And a hefty one, at that.

Make sure to confirm that your haul properly disposes of the junk at a waste management facility. Aside from eliminating the risk of penalties for illegal dumping, it’s also the responsible thing to do for the environment.

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4) Do you provide dump receipts?

Don’t just take their word for it.

Ask your junk hauler to provide a dump receipt, which shows where and when your debris was left at a waste management facility.

These receipts give you peace of mind that your junk is responsibly disposed of, and the receipts may be tax deductible, too. (Check with a certified tax advisor to confirm if you’re eligible.)

5) How much does it cost?

This is the big one. There should be no surprises when you get the bill after your junk has been removed. Always ask for an estimate up front.

A good hauler will at least give you a ballpark estimate over the phone. And when they arrive to view your stuff in-person, they will provide a firm quote based on the amount of junk you have. (If for some reason the final quote is wildly different than the original estimate, then you should be under no obligation to move forward.)

Also, make sure you’re not being overcharged. We’ve heard of outrageous prices from those 1-800 junk guys and the so-called “college hunks” company (spoiler: they’re not actually in college). Compare your options and try to look for a small local business that can offer better pricing.

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